About the Foundation UNION

Kherson Regional Charitable Foundation "Union" was created in 2011 to improve relations in the community to establish a democratic civil society in Ukraine, for promotion of human rights and protection of the population from negative effects.

Official documents:
Certificate of state registration of the organization
Extract from the Unified State register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

Foundation in its work is focusing on the use of new media technologies that leading experts in the US and Europe use to create a platform of socially active people who are willing to change themselves and positively change the space around them.

The structure of the Fund consists of lawyers, IT-specialists, linguists, journalists, teachers, librarians, artists and students.

We believe that self-development aimed at community development is the basis of positive changes in society.

The main activities of the Fund:
  • Development of local communities in order to build a democratic society
  • Development and implementation of information and communication Internet technologies in activities of government and public organizations of Ukraine in order to increase their competitiveness and investment attractiveness of regions of Ukraine.
  • Protection of Human Rights.
 Due to the difficult political situation in Ukraine, in 2013, special attention is paid to the subject of independent media communities development, data protection on the Internet and counter-propaganda in cyberspace.

Approaches in the work

Regardless of whether the Foundation have funding from international donors or not - we perform all its obligations, in order to achieve the stated purpose of the organization.

We believe that the presence or absence of personal income of the Fund’s members has no impact on the work effectiveness of the Foundation for its programs and projects.

Each year, members of the Foundation determine priority areas of work for a year or two, taking into account the situation in the country, the needs of local communities, the development of modern Internet technologies, and more.

The Foundation always supports personal and professional development of its members, encouraging them to participate in local, national and international training events and conferences.

Intersectoral cooperation

During its existence, the Foundation has established productive partnerships with international organizations such as Google, Microsoft, Amnesty International, CFC Consulting, OSCE, WWF, British Council in Ukraine, U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and others. 

The Fund has a large number of partners in Ukraine and abroad among NGOs, government agencies, educational institutions and the media.