Weekly analysis of russian propaganda in the Kherson region (October 22-28,2022)

During the last week of October (October 22-28, 2022), the tension in the information space does not subside. Each side expects intensive action. Some residents of Kherson are evacuating to the left bank of the Dnipro River under the leadership of the occupying authorities in search of a better life, while others are staying and waiting for liberation. Some occupiers prepare for an offensive.   

This week, the amount of news is significantly less (about 500 publications have been processed, compared to more than 800 publications last week). 

The occupiers continue to expect the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but this week, such news is reassuring. They propagate the idea that they will endure, will win, and all the people who were forced to move to the left bank of the Dnipro River and various regions of the russian federation will be able to return. The authorities of the occupiers are serious. Under the leadership of v. saldothe monuments of H. Potemkin, F.F. Ushakov, O.V. Suvorov, and V.M. Margelov were removed from the city. Interestinglyeven the relics of the founder of Kherson, Prince Grigory Potemkin-Tavriisky, were also taken away. During this period, not only a large number of people, monuments, but also many medical devices, equipment, and museum exhibits were exported. Local residents told about the facts of looting committed by the russian army. 

In the russian mass media, people are increasingly inclined to think that Ukraine is not an independent country and is completely dependent on NATO. Apparently, it is easier for the russians to explain their failures by the fact that their enemy is much larger than Ukraine. At the same time, more and more information appears in the news that foreign partners are not very satisfied with the situation in Ukraine, and they intend to reduce aid, thereby making Ukraine "easy prey" in the eyes of the reader. 

According to the russian mass media, the Ukrainian authorities deliberately turn off the lights, hide real losses of manpower and equipment, are unable to fulfill their duties, and are completely dependent on the USA. They believe that if negotiations are to be held, then only with representatives of the United States.   

The topic of evacuation in the russian media space continues. At the beginning of the week, various "influential" persons appeared and strongly advised to leave the right bank of the Dnipro River in the Kherson region. They talked about people who had already evacuated and how their lives had changed for the better. They interviewed those happy to help displaced people move, creating the appeal of evacuation. Occupiers tried to encourage evacuation by offering monetary assistance or the opportunity to obtain housing certificates. During the week, the number of evacuated Kherson residents varied from 20,000 to 70,000. The real numbers is currently unknown. 

"The crossing over the Dnipro River in Kherson is empty; the work on organizing the departure of residents to the left bank of the Dnipro River to safe regions of Russia has been completed. Opportunity only knocks once. It's a joke; Kherson will remain Russian in any case, and a ukrainian pig's hoof will not enter it. " 

- Channel: Yuzhny region 

News about the negotiations appears at the end of the week and has an interesting natureputin allegedly agrees to negotiations, but only with the United States. At the same time, he believes that Ukraine is a fictional country.   

"We will not reach a crisis [similar to the one in the Caribbean]; I cannot imagine myself in the role of Khrushchev, in any case. We are ready to solve the issues," - Vladimir Putin said in a speech at a meeting of the "Valdai".   

- Channel: Yuzhny region 

"The purchase of electricity by the Kyiv regime in Slovakia will lead to a further increase in energy prices for both Europeans and Ukrainians, but will not provide the desired stability in the operation of the Ukrainian energy system. The path to stability of energy supply is another. It is necessary to recognize the legitimacy of Russia's demands within the framework of the special operation and its results reflected in our Constitution. And then everything will be fine..." 

- Channel: Dmitry Medvedev 

Putin: those who implement policy in Washington can very quickly solve the problem of Ukraine with the help of diplomacy; they just need to send a signal. ....To get out of crises, it is necessary to consider reality and come to an agreement. Otherwise, hunger and darkness await many people around the world. 

- Channel: Administration of Gola Prystan 

In the Kherson region, after martial law was declared, the men who remained were offered to join the ranks of the so-called "territorial defense units", emphasizing that this was the duty of every man. They don't officially call it mobilization.   

"All men who remain in Kherson of their own accord have the opportunity to join the territorial defense units." 

- Channel: Administration of the Kherson region