Digital transformation of the Kherson region if finally presented!

May 14 at the 2d Tavriysky Tourist Congress a press briefing of Google Ukraine was held, where results of the campaign "Digital Transformation of the Kherson region" were presented.

The campaign was implemented by Google Ukraine, Kherson Regional Charitable Foundation “Union,” Kherson Regional State Administration, and Kherson City Council.

We are pleased to present this great work, which opened a new chapter in cooperation between the community and government. We are thankful to everyone who helped us. Moreover, to all those who doubt, recall that it was not a grant project, we did it wholeheartedly by own efforts and became the first region in Ukraine where a such campaign became so big and successful. We are proud of this and now ready to help all who wish to repeat our performance.

So what we managed to do:

- In the Kherson region:

1. 2 Map Camps were conducted: in the city and region (in October 2014 and May 2015), where Google cartographers from around the country detailed and newly put infrastructure, buildings, roads, digitized attractive tourist sites of the territory and put their photospheres on Google Maps. Among these objects are: Oleshkivski sands, Dzharylhach island, Ascania-Nova, Biryuchiy island, reed valleys of future Nizhniodniprovskiy National Park, the Black Sea coast (Zalizniy Port village, Lazurne, Skadovsk - resort city of the state value), Kherson city.

2. 2 round tables with representatives of the tourist business, government, Heads of National Parks, representatives of the direction of eco-tourism and other active organizations of the Kherson region were held.

3. 2 educational seminars for local governments were held, where Google specialists described how to optimize work of the authorities with their websites. These experts have offered many interesting digital initiatives, and some of them already have been reached.

4. 2 seminars for small and medium businesses and representatives of Kherson education institutions were held, where about 500 students learned practical use of Google products in their work.

- In Kherson:

1. We have improved “Kherson Map of District” Soon there will be many new infrastructure projects, which will be convenient to use for Kherson residents. The most interesting is the state of repair works on the city roads.

2. The most progressive for today in Kherson city – City Municipal Enterprise “Vodokanal” for the first time in the city history together with Kherson Regional Charitable Foundation "Union" created the “Map of Emergency Work,” on which now everyone can see where the repair is made, what its’ stage and when it will be completed

3. Another project, "Map of Communal Property Objects" - a fresh example of our cooperation with Google Ukraine. It was created by the Department of communal property (Kherson City Council) and made without the involvement of budget – only by tools available through Google and efforts of employees and management of “Union” Fund. There are marked objects for paid and free use, and for budgetary organizations. Communal property objects also have photos, panoramic images and image-photospheres

4. We are proud to present "The Map of the Kherson Historic Center." All previous maps were like incarnation of our mind, and this – of our heart. The most significant historical buildings and places, by which Kherson can be proud, are marked there. Now everyone can see what was the historic building before and how it looks now, and read about its’ the most interesting facts Later we’ll add new object

5. In the future we plan to develop a digital map of zoning in Kherson, where potential investors can see without any paperwork designated purpose of the city lands. Such data digitization project about investment attractive objects was implemented within the framework of Digital Transformation of the Rivne region.

6. Documentary film about the tourist uniqueness of the Kherson region will be presented very soon. We shoot the region as nobody did!

7. The result of the campaign also was the development of the website “Discover Kherson” (, dedicated to reserved territories of the Kherson region. The site has collected many photo and video materials from the best photographers of the Kherson region, photospheres of cartographers from Google Map Maker and Panorama communities, tours for tourists on Google Maps. Thanks to this site, tourists from Ukraine and all around the world can meet interesting places of the region.

In addition, the results of the first competition "Best cartographer of Kherson and Kherson region" were summed up. The competition lasted from April 20 to May 11 and the participants made almost 4000 amendments.