Natural reserves of the Kherson region have undergone digital transformation

Within the campaign "Digital Transformation of the Kherson Region," jointly implemented by Kherson Regional State Administration, Kherson City Council and Kherson Regional Charitable Foundation "Union" with the support of Google Ukraine, actively work the site “Discover Kherson”, purpose of which is to support the protected areas and tourist “jewels” of the Kherson region. This is the first such project for the Kherson region, which is unique in the number of natural wonders on its territory*!

We are all witnesses to what changes occur in nature by human activities. Increasing number of plant and animal species in the Red Book, reduces territories of wetlands, steppe ecosystems, forests. All this is due to plowing, deforestation, drainage or dewatering of lands, building and other economic activity.

We understand that all the reserves subordinate only to the state, but as citizens who are proud of their country and see the weaknesses and problems that now exist in Protected Areas, decided to help and involve all Ukrainians who care not only to the noble cause of salvation and maintain of Ukraine’s natural resources. Those funds, which provides the state - enough only for salaries of parks and reserves’ staff, so about most of the animals patrons and caring people have to take care.

How can you make a donation: on the site “Discover Kherson” choose any reserve, at the end of the page click on "Donate" and then fill out a simple form and press "Pay."

We urge to be active citizens, preserve and develop natural wonders of Ukraine! Let it be even small, but significant contribution to the increase of investment and tourist attractiveness. Only half a year has passed since the beginning of our initiative, and we have recorded double growth in the number of tourists in the Kherson region! And that's not the end of the season.

We believe that digital transformation, that is taking place in the Kherson region, will mean much for not only residents, but will also be a good example of effective community initiatives for Ukraine.

"Digital Transformation of the Kherson Region" team

• In the Kherson region are 2 National Parks (Nizhniodniprovskiy is at the stage of creation), 2 Biosphere Reserves, more than 60 other various sights of nature and landscape art, the largest desert in Europe - Oleshkivski sands, Europe's largest artificial forest, Black and Azov Sea and unique for its healing properties Sywash Lake (also called Third sea or Dead Sea of Ukraine, which even surpasses the Dead Sea in their properties), 2 unique uninhabited islands in Europe - Dzharylhach and Biruchiy, and more - almost 400 km of beach zone.

• "Digital Transformation of the Kherson Region" lasted from October 2014 to May 2015 with the support of Google Ukraine, in partnership with the Kherson Regional State Administration, Kherson City Council and Kherson Regional Charitable Foundation "Union". 

The main purpose is to: increase investment and tourist attractiveness of the Kherson region through expert assistance of Google. All information about events on this program is available here (

We also invite you to join the group on Facebook, where you can see the trailer for the first unique film about the Kherson region, Google cartographers and the beauty of the region from a bird's eye! The film will soon appear on all the screens of the country and the world. 

Contacts for more information:

+380509884726 (Anastasiya Grishko, Head of the ICT direction, Fund “Union”)
+380999428115 (Yuriy Antoshchuk, Head of the Fund “Union”)