Eight social action projects will be supported in the Cherkasy region as part of the regional pitch


On January 18, the regional pitch was completed in the Cherkasy region. This pitch was conducted by the "Union" Foundation with the support and partnership of the British Council and co-financed by the European Union within the framework of the project The Strengthening Cross-Sectoral Collaboration for Social Cohesion (SC3). 

As part of the pitch, it was approved to support eight social action projects of active citizens of the region. 

The regional pitch consisted of several stages. In November 2021, residents of the Cherkasy region began to submit ideas focused on improving the lives of citizens, developing cooperation with authorities to solve problematic issues and achieve a common goal. In the first stage, we received 46 project ideas. 

All participants who submitted their ideas had to complete the online course "Got an idea? Make it happen! Project design for social initiatives." The course, developed by a team of master facilitators of the British Council, was designed to provide basic knowledge of project planning. 

Active citizens who completed the theoretical course were invited to a 4-day training to put the finishing touches to their ideas. Master facilitators of the British Council helped the participants during the training to improve project applications and provided advice on planning for all project stages. 

After finalizing the projects, a week-long public online voting on initiatives on a special platform began. Anyone could get acquainted with proposed initiatives and vote for three ideas. 

The pitch itself was the last stage. The participants presented their initiatives to the competition commission. Each participant had 5 minutes to convince the competition commission members that his project is essential for the community, to argue that the team of activists has the appropriate experience and ability to implement similar initiatives, and that the proposed projects positively impact society. 

Eight winners, who will receive funding, were determined in the Cherkasy region based on online voting and voting by members of the competition commission. Each project additionally attracts resources and funds from local authorities and the community.

Winning projects: 

  • "Skylight Open Class", Kocherzhyntsi village. The total project budget is UAH 45,950.00, UAH 34,870.00 of which is financed by the British Council. 
  • Art space "Artskver" , Chornobay town. The total project budget is UAH 75,000.00, UAH 34,000.00 of which is financed by the British Council. 
  • "Communication and discussion location in public space", Karashina village. The total project budget is UAH 90,000.00, UAH 35,000.00 of which is financed by the British Council. 
  • Art object "The book in the pocket", Sokolivka village. The total project budget is UAH 23,353.00, UAH 15,000.00 of which is funded by the British Council. 
  • "Sort garbage for the future", Buzhanka village. The total project budget is UAH 42,960.00, UAH 35,000.00 of which is financed by the British Council. 
  • "Signal TOWER", Matusiv village. The total project budget is UAH 35,560.00, UAH 25,760.00 of which is financed by the British Council. 
  • Space "Movement is life!", Selyshche village.  The total project budget is UAH 83,005.00, UAH 35,000.00 of which is financed by the British Council. 
  • Recreational zone "Useful break", Sokolivka village. The total project budget is UAH 78,426.80, UAH 34,310.00 of which is financed by the British Council. 

Thus, the total funding for all projects is UAH 474,254.80, of which the British Council finances UAH 248,940.00. Partners and local authorities in communities provide 48% of the funding.