The first food kits were delivered to families in occupied Kherson

On March 7-9, we purchased products, formed and delivered 65 food kits to Kherson families in difficult circumstances due to the occupation of Kherson. 

The total amount of purchased products was UAH 41,974.40.

Depending on the family and its composition, the food kits included cheese 0.5 kg, chicken meat 2 kg, oil 0.5 l, paste 1-2 packs, porridge 1-2 packs, baby food (where there was a need), pet treat (where there was a need), muesli or flakes 1-2 packs, sauce or ketchup 1 pack, tea 1-2 packs, chocolate 1-2 packs, cookies 1-2 packs, bread, juice, etc.

Volunteers delivered all the kits around the city directly to families.

Currently, no food or products are delivered in Kherson—the occupiers do not allow a "green corridor." Therefore, we are looking for opportunities to purchase food products from local entrepreneurs for further distribution.

As a reminder, we have opened accounts to collect charitable assistance for purchasing and providing assistance in the Kherson region. You can support residents of the Kherson region by a Visa/Mastercard and/or bank transfer.