Write "Letters of Love" to residents in the temporarily occupied territories


On the website lettersoflove.org.ua, anyone can write warm words of support to Ukrainians in temporarily occupied cities and villages. The organizers of the project plan to collect at least 10,000 messages, which will be delivered to their destinations by all possible means. 

The "Letters of Love" project is implemented by the communication agency Gres Todorchuk. It will be part of a large-scale communication campaign created with the assistance of public organizations that work with humanitarian and informational issues in the temporarily occupied territories (NGO "SVOI" (Zaporizhia), NGO "Molodi Initiatives" (Kherson region), "UNION" Foundation (Kherson region ).

"Currently, 20% of Ukraine is under russian occupation, including Crimea and Donbas. The occupation regime is becoming more and more cruel to Ukrainians every day. Residents are not allowed to leave the regions; mobile communication and the Internet are limited and controlled. Ukrainians have actually become hostages in the temporarily occupied territories. Living for the fifth month in a constant sense of fear and danger, they are morally tired, lose faith, and feel helpless in their own future. "Letters of Love" should become a saving grace for our relatives and friends, to prove that we have not forgotten them, that we are with them and will fight for them. Let's show the Ukrainians at the temporarily occupied territories how much we love them and look forward to meeting them after our victory!" says the executive director of the "UNION" Foundation, Anastasiia Gryshko.

"Letters of Love" can be an appeal both to a specific person or to the inhabitants of any currently occupied settlement. In addition to online messages, which will be delivered through all possible means of communication, "Letters of Love" will also be printed and sent to the temporarily occupied territories in various ways. 

"Our key task is to show people at the temporarily occupied territories that we remember them," says Gres Todorchuk operations director Daria Lyubimova. — That we will return, that we will hug, that we will be together again. And to deliver these messages, we will be very creative and resourceful. After all, every "Letters of Love" must reach the addressee. In general, "Letters of Love" is only the first project within the framework of a large campaign to support residents of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Fundraising and offline events are ahead, aiming to keep this topic in the constant focus of attention of Ukraine and the world."