58 Kherson families received charitable aid in August. Humanitarian problems are intensifying

In August 2022, volunteers managed to support 58 families staying in Russian-occupied Kherson with food kits.

Altogether, 194 persons, including 38 children, 33 pensioners, 10 persons with disabilities, and 16 displaced persons from the communities of the Kherson region, where active hostilities are taking place, received aid.

The total amount of purchases was UAH 55,400.00.

Each new month in the occupation brings difficulties and creates new challenges. In August, the Armed Forces of Ukraine began point strikes on the bridges leading to the left bank of the Kherson region, as well as to Nova Kakhovka. On the one hand, this is positive news for the people under occupation, which indicates preparations for a counteroffensive and the liberation of Kherson from the russian invaders. On the other hand, these actions complicated the process of delivering products to Kherson and also caused an increase in prices in the city. Due to this, the price of one product kit increased, and some products became less in the markets.

Earlier we wrote that the occupiers turned off communication in the Kherson region, so delivering directory aid was complicated for a while, but the volunteers quickly solved a question of logistics and communication. 

Due to the fact that russian mercenaries are increasingly failing in the southern direction, the humanitarian situation is becoming more complicated, and the civilians are suffering more and more. 

We are sincerely grateful to all benefactors, and caring people who support the people of Kherson in this difficult time. You can help the courageous people of Kherson by supporting them by Visa/Mastercard and/or bank transfer and we will be able to buy food and deliver it to those who are already in despair.