Weekly analysis of russian propaganda in the Kherson region (September 10-16,2022)

This week's news shows how the russian information space is beginning to change. New categories appear: "Recognition of war", "Recognition (by the russian military) of its failures", "Censure of the leadership of the russian federation" and "Influence of foreign partners on the russian federation".

Each piece of news is evaluated in terms of a category: 

  • Influence of foreign partners on Ukraine
  • Influence of foreign partners on the russian federation
  • Recognition of war
  • Recognition of its failures
  • Discrediting of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • Discrediting of Ukrainian Authorities
  • Aid
  • Censure of the leadership of the russian federation
  • Persecution for inhabitants of the Kherson region
  • Negotiations 
  • Improvement in the opinion of the russian
  • Propaganda
  • Referendum
  • Successes of the russian army, 
  • Blackmail and threats

The new category "Recognition of war" (6%) shows that more and more news is appearing, which speaks of the awareness of the russian federation that this is not a "special operation" but a real war. prigozhin addressed the prisoners, trying to increase the number of the "Wagner" unit. Big cities refuse to celebrate City Day. People collect aid for the military: warm things and firewood. russia begins to say that this is a sacred war for them, that they are choosing the right to exist. This is a war not only with Ukraine but also with NATO.   

The category "Recognition by the russian federation of its failures" (6%) describes situations when the Ukrainian military took a better position than the russian one or when the russian military had to retreat and admitted their losses.   

This week, the number of news in the category "Successes of the russian army" increased significantly (22%). Here is news about the successful repulse of counterattacks, the shooting down of a large number of missiles, the successes and courage of russian soldiers. They boast of their successes in striking the critical infrastructure of Ukraine (thermal power station or dams). They highlight their criminal actions (attacks on civilian infrastructure), the successes of the russian army, believe that military hospitals, schools, railway junctions, and critical infrastructure are appropriate targets for attacks. Propagandists are calling for to continue such attacks in the future. 

russian journalists describe the opposite side in the category "Discrediting the Armed Forces of Ukraine" (12%). The Armed Forces of Ukraine are suffering heavy losses both in manpower and in the technical aspect in the news of this category. 

Sensing their failures in the issue of the referendum, opinions are appearing in the information space that a referendum is not needed; one decree of putin is enough to annex new territories. Before that, there was a lot of information in the russian news about the results of sociological surveys that the majority of residents of the Kherson and Zaporizhia regions aspire to join the russian federation.   

The topic of negotiations is not as popular as last week. And representatives of the russian authorities talk about negotiations only on their terms. 

It should be noted that this week kyrylo stremousov is actively fulfilling his duties or pretending to be. He is present at many events, goes to objects that are under fire. He tells that Kherson lives its own life, that it is a russian city.  

Interesting fact: russian cities take patronage over several settlements of the Kherson region. The Republic of Adygea is helping Henichesk. They brought equipment for the improvement of the city, bought equipment for sports sections. Builders from Kabardino-Balkaria are renovating a school in Kalanchak

Successes of the russian army   22
Improvement in the opinion of the russian federation   13
Aid  13
Propaganda   13
Discrediting of the Armed Forces of Ukraine   12
Recognition of war   6
Recognition of its failures   6
Persecution for inhabitants of the Kherson region   3
Discrediting of Ukrainian Authorities   3
Censure of the leadership of the russian federation  2
Influence of foreign partners on Ukraine   1
Blackmail and threats   1
Influence of foreign partners on the russian federation   1


Referendum   0