Weekly analysis of russian propaganda in the Kherson region (October 8-14, 2022)

The second week of October (October 8-14, 2022) was one of the most dynamic. The events of this week were shocking and caused a lot of both negative and positive emotions in the russian mass media.     

So, the main events are the explosion on the Crimean bridge, the massive shelling of large cities of Ukraine and critical infrastructure of Ukraine, and spontaneous autumn vacations in the territory of the Kherson region. 

On Saturday (October 8, 2022) in the morning, the news about the explosion on the Crimean Bridge appeared in the russian mass media. News about this event is classified under the category "Situation on the Crimean Bridge" (7.9%). In these news stories, they talked a lot about the situation, analyzed the event, who is to blame for it, and how it happened. The russian mass media has tried to contain the panic among the population, saying that the situation is under control, that fuel and food products will be delivered to the peninsula without any problems, traffic will be restored in the near future. In turn, they demanded decisive and specific actions from the russian authorities. 

Monday was one of the most challenging days for Ukraine due to russia's massive strike on Ukrainian cities and critical civilian infrastructure. But in the russian mass media, news from the category "Successes of the russian army" (31.9%) appeared continuously. The largest part of the news was in this category this week. The russians gloated at every launch of missiles and drones, and every explosion, believing that this was a worthy response to the "terrorist actions" of Ukraine. They stated that it is necessary to continue such actions, the main goal of which is to destroy the energy infrastructure of Ukraine just before the onset of cold weather. Subsequently, after the reaction of Ukraine and Ukraine's foreign partners, lame excuses appeared in the news that all the strikes were accurate and a small number of people died.

If we talk about the events and moods in Kherson and the Kherson region, it should be noted that the new Kherson government tries every day to show active improvement activities and repeats every time that all officials remain in their places and continue to work, the soldiers of the russian federation will protect the residents of Kherson region from "Nazis" and will not leave the city. But there is news about the forced autumn vacation (until October 25, 2022), during which children, and eventually their parents and teachers, can visit the best sanatoriums in Crimea and russia. The reason for the holidays is called the constant shelling from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the beginning of the week, it has not been clear what kind of vacation this is: whether it is the deportation of Ukrainian citizens to depressed regions of russia, or the so-called "filtration", since children, teachers and parents will get to know each other and undergo the educational program of the russian federation during the vacation. Or it is evacuation. volodymyr saldo asked the russian federation for help in organizing "humanitarian trips", as k. stremousov called them. Their goal is to ensure the safety of children. russia immediately approved this request.   

The russian mass media repeat that this is not an evacuation and there is no need to panic. Kherson authorities continue intense activity toward integration with russia, hold holidays, and engage in landscaping.   

"...Educational shifts are organized for them, which will take place on the shores of the Black Sea in Crimea and Krasnodar Krai, as well as in Rostov Region and Stavropol. Vacation and educational shifts in Russian health centers will help children, as well as their teachers, better master the curriculum of the Russian Federation..." 

Channel: Administration of the Kherson region 


The number of news in the category "Persecution of citizens of Ukraine" (2, 9%) has increased. This is probably related to the explosion on the Crimean bridge. This way, the authorities demonstrate they keep everything under control, and any terrorist attacks will be successfully prevented. The occupiers claim they are gradually finding people in Kherson who cooperate with the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the Security Service of Ukraine. Also, such news can work as a warning for those citizens of Ukraine who continue to wait for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In order to intimidate, there are thoughts that "zhduns" (citizens of Ukraine who are waiting for the Armed Forces of Ukraine) will be evicted from the borders of the Kherson region. It is known from news and social media that people systematically disappear in the city and region. The occupiers kidnap them and take them to an unknown destination.