Weekly analysis of russian propaganda in the Kherson region (October 15-21,2022)

The week (October 15-21, 2022) was overstrung in the Kherson region. The pro-russian authorities announced the evacuation of the civilian population. This event gained momentum throughout the week, and by the end of the week, the russian mass media began to sow panic among the civilian population.

A fairly large percentage of the news this week was about the russians admitting their failures. Almost all week, the russian mass media have been discussing a possible future war for Kherson. According to their data, the Ukrainian army several times exceeds the number of russian soldiers in the south of Ukraine, and has a large number of drones and foreign weapons. Towards the end of the week, some news-thoughts may have to make not very pleasant decisions to save soldiers' and civilians' lives. But russian news claims that russian soldiers will fight to the last and ensure that they will not surrender the city. 

"In these conditions, our primary task is to save the lives and health of civilians. Therefore, first of all, the Russian army will ensure the safe, already announced departure of the population under the resettlement program being prepared by the Russian government," he told journalists. 

Channel: Moherovy Kherson 

News about the declaration of martial law appeared very recently, starting from October 19, 2022, when president putin declared martial law on the territory of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia regions, on the territory of the so-called Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic. In the territory of the Kherson region, local men have been called already for a week to join the volunteer battalion. There is a list of laws and restrictions that come into force from the moment martial law is declared. 

In the russian news, the Ukrainian soldier is cruel, stupid, a marauder and an executioner. According to them, Ukrainian soldiers launch rocket attacks on critical infrastructure, civilian objects, loot, torture, and even kill civilians in territories liberated from russia. 

The number of news that discredit the Ukrainian Authorities is increasing. The main ideas are that the President of Ukraine is a drug addict, begs for money and weapons, and follows the instructions of foreign partners. They write that V. Zelenskyy does not count the losses of the Ukrainian army, treats Ukrainian soldiers as cannon fodder. By his actions, he crosses out all possible negotiations and does nothing to start these negotiations, but on the contrary, inflames and prolongs the conflict.   

"Useless sacrifices of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are a continuation of Zelensky's show, only with a sad ending, because the announced victory of the Ukrainian Nazis will not be possible." 

Channel: Kirill Stremousov 

The topic of evacuation made more noise in the russian news this week than others. There was a lot of news about evacuation rules (list of things to take with you, how to prepare your accommodation before departure, how to sign your belongings). Local authorities collected information from people who are going to evacuate (name, address of residence, where the person plans to move). People are being transported to the left bank of the Dnipro River. The planned number of displaced persons is 50-60 thousand. Evacuees were planned to be accommodated in boarding houses on the coast of the Black and Azov Seas, in the Crimea, or in various parts of the russian federation. The pro-russian authorities in the Kherson region noted that the evacuation was voluntary, but, in our opinion, various methods of psychological pressure were used on the population: 

  1. Intimidation (they talked about the brutality of the Ukrainian Authorities and about future mass shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine). 
  2. Panic was sown (phone calls and text messages that could come in the middle of the night with a call for immediate evacuation).  
  3. They tried to encourage financial (they talked about the possibility of obtaining funds for new housing in the russian federation). 

In the russian mass media, journalists and bloggers continue to gloat about missile strikes on critical infrastructure and call for continued shelling. The new goal is called bridges. They threaten the leadership of Ukraine with a missile attack on the Kyiv Dam in case the Armed Forces of Ukraine attack the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Station.