Weekly analysis of russian propaganda in the Kherson region (November 19-25, 2022) - 2nd week after the liberation of Kherson

The third week of November (19.11-25.11.2022). The Ukrainian authorities have been working on the return of peaceful life in the liberated territories of the Kherson region for the second week. It's not easy, russian troops began mass shelling of residential areas from November 19.   

Russian troops could not accept that they had to retreat to the left bank. A large number of news are related to the successes of the russian army. Successes include information about the destroyed equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, eliminated "Ukrainian Nazis", repulsed attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and they happily attribute pointful hits on energy infrastructure objects to their successes. After another massive missile attack on the critical infrastructure of Ukraine, the russian mass media wrote about it as a victory; sometimes this news was covered as revenge for Donetsk or Crimea.   

The number of news reports that discredit Ukrainian authorities is increasing. russian mass media highlights the fact that after the return of the Ukrainian authorities to the territory of the Kherson region, life there became worse. Now, the residents of the Kherson region are close to a humanitarian disaster, people are left without electricity, heat, and water, but they have probably already forgotten that the russian army destroyed the entire critical infrastructure of the region when it retreated. The city and region have been without electricity, water and heat for 20 days. 

The actions of the Ukrainian authorities and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are condemned in the russian news. They believe that in the liberated territory there is filtering and persecution of supporters of russian peace. They still cannot decide whether the people who remained are the "Zhduny" (those who were waiting for the Armed Forces of Ukraine) or the Russian people, who must be protected.   

On November 19, there was news that the Russian army had permission to shell the city of Kherson and the region. The russian army begins to shell peaceful areas of Kherson and the region systematically and harshly. Rockets fly into residential buildings, hospitals, crowded places, and educational institutions. In the Russian mass media, this is justified as a successful hit on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

News about the evacuation carries a positive image of propaganda. There are many news-feedbacks from forced migrants who really like their new life and are grateful to russia. The leadership of the russian federation promises housing certificates in different parts of russia (Kalmykia, Magnitogorsk). Interestingly, how are these certificates distributed? Or they take into account the results of professional examinations, which most evacuated children and adults undergo.

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