Weekly analysis of russian propaganda in the Kherson region (December 3-9, 2022) - 4th week after the liberation of Kherson

Here is the first month of winter. The first week of December (December 3-9, 2022). Kherson has been trying to return to normal life for almost a month. russia is increasing the number of shellings of the Kherson region. It continues to shell the critical infrastructure of Ukraine and calls  "normal" methods of waging war.

Russian news continues to be riddled with praise for its successes. If earlier most of the news was about a large amount of damaged and disabled Ukrainian equipment, the destruction of the sabotage and reconnaissance groups, or the repulsion and interception of Ukrainian-American missiles by russian air defense, now the russian army considers its achievements to hit critical infrastructure facilities on the territory of Ukraine. This is evidenced by joyful telegram posts about the lack of electricity in many Ukrainian cities. Or they directly say that a blackout on the territory of Ukraine is one of the military goals of the russian army. They justify these actions, calling missile terror "holy retribution", revenge. 

Missile terror from russia is also an attempt to intimidate the Ukrainian people or to discredit the Ukrainian government in the eyes of Ukrainians and Ukraine's foreign partners. russians continue to portray the Ukrainian Authorities in a negative light in the russian news. They emphasize that the "Kyiv regime" gives orders to kill the civilian population, terrorize the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate, carry out filtering measures throughout the territory of Ukraine, capture, torture, and sometimes shoot people who cooperate with the russian authorities. 

russians continue deporting Ukrainian citizens to russian territory, calling it evacuation. From the news and posts, it becomes known that people are starting to face problems. Many cannot issue housing certificates because not all documents are sufficient. According to the evacuees, 6-7 people out of 100 receive a housing certificate. 

The pro-russian authorities in the occupied territory of the Kherson region begin to actively demonstrate that they have everything under control. They repair the bridge between the Arabatska Strilka and Henichesk, hold meetings, and start to pay pensions for October. saldo v. communicates with the russian mass media, talks about the atrocities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson region, the inaction of the Ukrainian authorities in Kherson and on the right bank of the Kherson region, and also announces the withdrawal of the hryvnia from circulation until January 1, 2023.

"Putin: regarding the abandonment of positions, in Ukraine they shoot on the spot; not only we don't have anything like that, we don’t even have any camps, zones, etc., this is all nonsense; these are fakes that have no basis.” 

- Channel: Южный регион/Новороссия