Meeting with the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Ukraine, Radek Matula

On December 9, 2022, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Ukraine, Radek Matul, met with representatives of Ukrainian public organizations on the occasion of International Human Rights Day.  

Our Foundation's chair of the board, Yuriy Antoshchuk, presented detailed information to colleagues about life in Kherson during the occupation, digital threats and difficulties that the residents of the Kherson region faced and continue to face, Internet censorship in the temporarily occupied territories, and active civil society that opposes the horde and helps the population by quickly responding to new challenges. 

Yuriy also presented the Ambassador with a photo of festive Kherson on the first day of liberation, November 11, 2022, without electricity, water, and communication but without Russian occupiers. 

The Embassy of the Czech Republic has supported our activities in the Kherson region for many years, and we are grateful for the help that the Czech Republic provides to the Kherson region and the entire country in these difficult times. 

As the Embassy notes, "the protection of human rights is one of the long-term priorities of the Czech Republic's foreign policy. Therefore, we attach great importance to Ukrainian civil society, and every year, we support a number of Ukrainian non-governmental organizations that prove how vital an active society is for the country's development and resilience. A nation with such people will not be broken by any aggressor or invader."