Kherson high-rise buildings continue drying and disinfecting the premises

The end of summer may be sad for some, but we are moving forward and have good news for residents of flooded high-rise buildings who have not yet had time to contact us. 

Thanks to the Ukrainian Educational Platform and REACT Disaster Response, we have another 270 disinfection kits. 

Each kit contains: 

  • disinfectants Ceresit CT 99 and washing for antiseptic measures of superficial and penetrating action, 
  • a set of respirators, 
  • protective coveralls, glasses and gloves, 
  • a sprayer, 
  • brushes. 

The lack of electricity in most houses in the Ostriv neighborhood slows the entire disinfection process. As a reminder, experts advise dealing with mold and mildew only after drying the premises. 

Thanks to the Ukrainian Women's Fund and Schneider Group LLC, we have eight industrial dehumidifiers that are constantly in operation and do their job well. In addition, we have a powerful generator that will allow us to start dehumidifiers where there is no electricity.

When residents of condominiums see how effectively industrial dehumidifiers dry, they are even ready to spend a little on fuel for generators to connect appliances. 

Therefore, please apply for drying equipment and disinfection kits now. 

We provide dehumidifiers on a first-come. We can issue disinfection sets right now. 

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