Analytical report "The Reconstruction of liberated communities of the Kherson region"

We present the analytical report "The Reconstruction of liberated communities of the Kherson region" based on in-depth interviews with regional residents who survived the occupation.

The 21 in-depth telephone interviews were conducted with residents of the Bilozerka, Stanislav, and Chornobaivka communities from September to October 2023. 

Among the respondents, there are mainly those categories related to the reconstruction and restoration of life in the territory of the de-occupied communities or those knowledgeable in these matters. 

These are employees of local self-government, communal enterprises, the State Emergency Service, cultural institutions, guardianship and health care (13 people in total), representatives of public and youth organizations (3 people), and media workers (1 person). 

Such a sample made it possible to hold a substantive conversation about the current situation and prospects for the revival of the Chornobaivka, Stanislav, and Bilozerka communities. However, obviously, it should not be considered representative of the entire population of the de-occupied territories. 

Representatives of other categories - pensioners, self-employed, and workers of industrial enterprises (4 people in total) - were included among the respondents precisely to take into account the "general" opinion and its differences from the position of those directly involved in reconstruction. 

The report is available here - "The Reconstruction of liberated communities of the Kherson region

We previously published the report "A specialist under occupation", which was prepared during the occupation of the Kherson region.