"The Road to Recovery" is our new analytical report

"The Road to Recovery" is the name of our new analytical report.

Last year, we conducted 16 video interviews, "Conversations about restoration", with leaders of public opinion, Kherson volunteers, representatives of the military administration and other structural subdivisions of the government, workers of culture and social sphere, employees of foundations, organizations and media, who remain all the time and work directly in Kherson and the region despite all the danger and constant shelling.

We could not reach everyone we would have liked; many are outside the Kherson region and have been helping communities on the right bank all this time. But we have already analyzed the statements of the previous speakers and formed an analytical report, because each of those "Conversations about restoration" is a certain qualified expertise in one or another field.

In particular, the participants of the dialogues evaluated and expressed their recommendations regarding the work of the government, communication with the public, interaction with volunteers, policy regarding business in the de-occupied territories, tasks of current and post-war reconstruction, presentation of Kherson Oblast in the world and attraction of international aid.

,We can send printed copies to our communities and not only, and we invite you to familiarize yourself with the web version using the link