23 families in occupied Kherson received food kits

From May 23 to 29, 23 families, that is 88 Kherson residents, received food kits. Products for these kits were purchased due to donations from those who care.

The total amount of purchases was UAH 22,100.00. 

Every day, it takes more and more time to buy Ukrainian goods in occupied Kherson because occupiers supply shops only with russian products from Crimea. Of course, we do not buy such goods, and the Kherson people who receive our food kits say they "will not take russian food." 

It is extremely important to support Kherson people who remain in the city and who cannot move to v that the majority of people in the Kherson region have lost their jobs, such assistance is vitally necessary for them. 

You can give the residents hope. Support the people of Kherson by Visa/Mastercard and/or bank transfer and we can buy food and deliver it to those in need.