Our Foundation handed over 5 pairs of anti-mine boots to the rescuers of the Kherson Region

Thanks to the donations of caring Ukrainians, we collected UAH 75,000.00 to purchase five pairs of mine-resistant Spider Boots*. 

For the first time, our deminers from the State Emergency Service of the Kherson region, who are engaged in demining the Kherson region, received such safety equipment. They say these boots can save limbs from amputation if you step on a land mine. 

The manufacturer of these boots is the Ukrainian company "Ukrainian Resource Center". We support our manufacturers! The guys thank everyone for their support and such important help!

* "Anti-mine boots" or "spider boots" are special shoes for soldiers and deminers, which can protect the legs from amputation if they accidentally step on a mine. 

You need two minutes to fasten your legs, and you can go to dangerous areas. 

Protective "boots" are an exact analog of the Canadian Spider Boots. The task of "mine-resistant boots" is to smooth out the explosive wave, disperse it to the sides, and thus protect the foot and fingers from traumatic amputation. The "Boots" are made of plastic and composite materials, and the legs are printed on a 3D printer.