Weekly analysis of russian propaganda in the Kherson region (November 26 - December 2, 2022) - 3rd week after the liberation of Kherson

The last week of November (November 26 - December 2, 2022). The Ukrainian authorities have been working on the return of peaceful life in the liberated territories of the Kherson and Kherson region. Electricity and water are beginning to appear in a large part of the city and partly in the region. Ukrainian human rights advocates continue to record crimes committed by the russian army during the occupation.

While the territories freed from the russian invaders are trying to return to peaceful life, the russian army continues to strike these territories with various types of weapons. These shellings are increasing every day, and critical infrastructure and residential areas are becoming their targets. russian mass media claim that all strikes are aimed at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They highlight it as their successes and military gains. The topic of the achievements of the russian army, as usual, has a significant share of the news. The main goals of this news are to depict successes on the battlefield (destroyed equipment, a large number of killed soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, intercepted missiles), to depict russian soldiers as brave professional heroes who liberate "Russian" lands from "Ukrainian Nazis." All the strikes carried out by the russian army are hits on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and if civilians are among the victims, then the russian publications blame the Ukrainian military, who place equipment and weapons in residential areas, using civilians as a smoke-screen. 

Also, so that the losses among the civilian population of Ukraine were not so significant, more information and entertainment content discrediting the Ukrainian people appeared on Telegram channels in the last two or three weeks. Ukrainian people are portrayed as stupid, greedy, insincere, Russophobes and Nazis. 

They continue to justify the criminal actions of russian soldiers during the occupation, calling all accusations fake (a favorite word of the russian mass media). These crimes are also attributed to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine. In the news, they talk about the atrocities of Ukrainian soldiers, the executions of people who cooperated with the russian authorities, interrogations, and constant checks of the local population. 

The pro-russian authorities in the occupied part of the Kherson region are actively engaged in integration with the russian federation. They convert the work of the medical and educational sectors to russian standards. saldo v. together with kiriyenko s. held a meeting on the socio-economic development of the Kherson region. Issuing of russian passports is speeding up. v. putin instructed the development of the settlements of the left bank of the Kherson region.

"Large-scale buildings will begin in the Kherson region. The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, instructed the development of settlements on the left bank of the Kherson region. As Vladimir Saldo reported, large-scale housing construction will begin in the Genichesk district - the city of Genichesk itself and on Arabatskaya Strelka. 
"As soon as builders start building houses, the economic situation will change. This will be a step... not even a step; it will be a leap into the future", - explained the head of the region..." 

Channel: Vladimir Saldo

"Ukrainian militants place military equipment in schools in the center of Kherson. Kyiv continues to lie and cover itself with the civilian population 

Analysis of open data and messages from the city of Kherson shows that the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to place their equipment in residential areas. Ukrainian formations placed weapons in school No. 46 and the lyceum opposite, and they "quartered" in the university in the city's center. You can see on the map that in the same area where the Armed Forces of Ukraine organized their bases, there are a market and residential areas..." 

 Channel: Объсняет Readovka 

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