Weekly analysis of russian propaganda in the Kherson region (December 24-30, 2022)


Last week of December (December 24-30, 2022). Priorities are beginning to change in the russian information space. If at the beginning of December, news from the categories "Successes of the russian federation" and "Evacuation"  has a large share, then at the end of the month, the relevant category remains "Discrediting the Armed Forces of Ukraine", but the main categories are "Propaganda", "Discrediting the Ukrainian people and authorities". 

russian mass media continue to discredit the Ukrainian Authorities. They condemn the actions of the authorities on the territory of Kherson. They believe that the government cannot bring order, is engaged in corruption, and the civilian population lives in terrible conditions. But in the news, they do not admit that these conditions are created precisely by constant shelling by russian soldiers and not by the inaction of the local Ukrainian authorities. 

The mass media try to justify the criminal acts of the russian army by accusing the Ukrainian mass media of spreading "fake" information. According to russian journalists and bloggers, the army of Ukraine commits the crimes. Thus, after the terrible shelling of the center of the city of Kherson, all the russian media tried to prove that this was done by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the orders of the "Kyiv regime". 

At this time, the pro-russian authorities, represented by saldo v., defiantly and arrogantly brag about the New Year's events on the left bank of the Kherson region. saldo v. actively communicates with journalists, reports, and reassures everyone that even under constant shelling from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, everything is working, and people are receiving humanitarian aid and free coal. He talks about his plans for the future to construct a new city in the Henichesk district and assures that he will return to Kherson in 2023.