More than 140 different names of medicine with a total weight of 60 kg for Bilozerka Community

In December 2022, we delivered three boxes of medicines of more than 140 different names to residents of villages and towns of the Bilozerka community. 

In January 2023, more than 200 families in Bilozerka, Romashkove, Pervomaisk, Pravdyne, Dniprovske, and other settlements of the Bilozerka community received aid thanks to private and business donations, with the funds of which medicines were purchased.

The total amount of medicine purchases was UAH 119,996.60. 

We also covered the cost of delivery of medicines to one place and transportation UAH 850.00.

Our partners and volunteers from the Bilozerka Regional Development Center are engaged in addressing the delivery of medicines by the requests received from residents during and after the occupation.

Here are some stories of the Bilozerka community's residents who have already received aid. 

1. Ms. Maya fell seriously ill at the beginning of the war. She fell completely ill. The occupation made health care inaccessible to the majority. And the pains became unbearable. Medicines that were available in the first-aid kit quickly ran out. As well as money, because prices for everything have increased many times. The woman suffered from pain and bedsores. The wounds did not heal. The neighbor cared for the patient because the children had moved, rescuing the grandchildren. This neighbor asked for help from a public organization in the form of pills and ointments to somehow ease the suffering of a woman. Unfortunately, the patient could not survive the occupation... The medicine was given to another person, whom we hope it will help. 

2. Mr. Serhiy took medicine for his sick wife. He says that in 2022, she began to complain about sore legs. And after the tragic news about the war, the decision and the departure of the children and grandchildren who had been by their side all their lives, she completely "fell" on her feet. At first, Mr. Serhiy looked for a walker in the occupation. They helped. It became a little easier for his wife to move around the house. She didn't go outside anymore. And then the complaints poured in like from the Plenty's Horn. The convulsions tormented to screaming. The thyroid gland refused to work at all. Then, the liver made itself felt. Wife took handful of medicine almost every day. There were no doctors to be found. So she saved herself as best she could. Therefore, this help is a treasure for her. Mr. Serhiy hopes his wife gets better. And he will see a smile on her sickly face. 

3. Two Liudmyls are matchmakers. They have been living together since July 2022. They decided to take the burden off the children and help each other. "The stroke made my body unruly. The whole right side is just there. But I don't even feel it. I can't even control it... It annoys me. And it makes life very difficult," says one. "And I never thought that such a time would come when I would move around on two sticks (crutches). My legs almost gave up. If I sit, it is problematic to stand up. But I still move. Throughout pain. Forcing myself. I look after the matchmaker. I cook," says the second one. "The children are abroad. We convinced them that we can handle it together. So we can't let them down," smiles the first Liudmyla. "And we really need your medicines! There is no physical possibility of even looking for them in pharmacies. I am not talking about small pensions, for which it is difficult to buy everything we need. Thank you for helping us. We really need it." 

4. It is not happy now in Dniprovske village. Explosions and hits every day. The village is under intense artillery fire. Mrs. Tatiana lives there. Her house was severely damaged by several rocket explosions nearby. There are no windows and doors, the roof is destroyed. The woman lives alone. And it is a tragedy for her. In addition, she has significant problems with veins and blood clots in her legs. It is challenging for her to move. When she received the medicine, she even cried..."Such help warmed my heart. Because I have the feeling that no one needs me. And that life consists of only problems," says Tetiana. She looks gratefully, pressing the bundle with medicine to her chest... 

5. Mrs. Liudmyla worked all her life. In the last few years, she has worked in a veteran organization. She was always active and mobile. She tried to help everyone. The war forced her to learn how to ask for and receive help. Getting sick during the occupation, even with the flu, became a big problem. And then the blood pressure medication ran out... It was impossible to find them. Pharmacies were either empty or closed. "I was ashamed to order such things from volunteers. I'm not used to asking. But, you see, how life has returned...Thank you for doing this. Maybe it's a return of my good deeds that I did during my life." 

6. Mr. Serhii does not leave the yard. He moves barely. His legs are sick. His sister took the medicine. She comes to the house, helps with cleaning and food preparation, helps with hygienic procedures, and goes for groceries. He says that his brother is grateful for the medicines because this is "second bread" for him. 

7. A "Young lady" came for medicine. The woman had short hair. You will never say that she is 75. "I lost 35 kg of weight during the war. And my hair fell out. So I cut it off completely. I have a bad disease. But you know how I want to live?! You can call me if you need help. I can sort something and take it to someone. I'm bored at home. Now I'll drink your pills and run away to live my life," she smiles.

You can also help by making a donation by Visa/Mastercard and/or bank transfer. The funds will support those who need them most in the Kherson region.