Weekly analysis of russian propaganda in the Kherson region (January 1-6, 2023)

January 2023, first week (January 1-6, 2023). russia continues to shell critical infrastructure and civilian objects, even during the New Year holidays. The occupiers try to intimidate the civilians and turn the population against the authorities. This is evidenced by the number of news that discredit the Ukrainian authorities. 

This week is no exception, and most news fell into the category "Successes of the russian army". russian soldiers are portrayed as strong, brave, and capable of heroic deeds in the news. They write more often about the awarding of such russian soldiers with awards of various degrees. The news is like a report about how skillful russian soldiers are; they capture new equipment, conduct artillery shelling of the liberated part of the Kherson region, inflict significant losses on the Ukrainian army, which the Ukrainian authorities deliberately keep silent about. Sometimes, the occupiers admit their failures or try to justify their crimes. Sometimes they sympathize a little with the civilian population, which suffers not from the actions of the russian army, but from the stupidity and low professional training of the Ukrainian army. They continue to justify the shelling of civilian objects. It is worth noting that after the shelling of Ukraine, the news joyfully announces that all targets were hit by pinpoint missiles but almost never tells about the victims among Ukrainian civilians, so as not to evoke sympathy from the reader. 

They continue to discredit the Ukrainian authorities. The image of V. Zelensky is a pianist, a drug addict, and a coward. All decisions made by the President of Ukraine are considered stupid or dictated by the West and the USA. Also, they discredit the authorities of de-occupied Kherson. They increasingly pay readers' attention to the garbage problem in Kherson. The Ukrainian authorities seem to be only engaged in dividing budget funds and cannot solve current problems. 

The issue of the Christmas ceasefire has been under discussion for the past few days. It is reported that v. putin ordered shoigu to cease offensive actions and fire for the Christmas holidays (36 hours). In turn, the authorities of Ukraine do not believe too much in these statements. The russian mass media use this and accuse the Ukrainian side of refusing to agree to temporary agreements. This caused different moods in the russian mass media sphere; some did not understand this gesture on the part of the russian authorities and did not want to trust the "selling" authorities of Ukraine. Various experts and bloggers do not believe too much in the effectiveness of this measure, cautiously condemn this statement, and are already beginning to threaten and promise to destroy Ukrainian cities. 

An interesting phenomenon is emerging. The russian mass media begins to condemn the behavior and activities of the Chechen military (Kadyrovites). Stories about the unacceptable and daring behavior of Kadyrovites appear on social networks. And they believe that everyone should have the same laws and conditions. There are few such news. russians are very careful with criticism, because they are propagandized that you can't be offended and "you're a small person", so you can't influence much. 

The Russian authorities start to gradually prepare the informational ground that the war will last more than one year and that it is necessary to be patient and not complain. As they say, get up on the war rails.