Weekly analysis of russian propaganda in the Kherson region (January 7-13, 2023)

The second week of January (January 7-13, 2023). russian news is becoming long and overloaded with reflections and open propaganda that emphasizes the greatness and invincibility of russia. Bloggers reflect on the russian government's actions, sometimes openly criticizing it. Ridicule is one of the main tools of russian propaganda. If propagandists try to present something as insignificant, they emphasize the absurdity of it. Ridicule is harsh, angry, and humiliating. They consider this behavior acceptable and use this method even with those with whom they are on good terms. They seem to induct their opponent with this behavior. If the opponent is offended, then he is weak and stupid. In Russia, it is not customary to take offense or go against those who are stronger or have a higher status.

This week's news continues to talk about "brave russian soldiers" who have great success in the Donetsk region. Although these successes have only been confirmed by the russian side. This news is essential for the russian mass media sphere. They seem to say this special operation is not a silly decision. Rashists continued to attack Kherson and the right-bank part of the region with various weapons. All shelling is "hitting the concentration of the Armed Forces of Ukraine" or "destroying foreign weapons." The russian mass media justify the criminal shelling of residential areas, a maternity hospital, and a children's hospital; they shift all the blame to the Ukrainian army. 

russian news continues to discredit the Ukrainian authorities. The russian mass media tries to show how difficult and bad it is now in the territory where the Ukrainian government works. They try to impose the opinion that the Ukrainian authorities terrorize their people and prevent them from living, that Kherson lived better under russian rule. It seems they try to convince that the Kherson region was better under the russian occupation. They give to understand the residents of the left-bank Kherson region (which is still occupied by the russians) that they will have a worse life with the Ukrainian authorities than with the russians. 

The russian mass media try to create the illusion that peaceful life continues on the left bank, even if the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces fire at them. The russian authorities are able to overcome all difficulties and keep their word if they promise something.  They use small promises for this and turn it into an important event (gifts to children, shortening the terms of issuing Russian passports, evacuating people to safer regions of Russia). Russian

The pro-russian authorities promise to build a new city on the Arabatska Strilka. According to them, it will be a new and modern city, and the russian authorities are interested in this. 

But there are problems in the occupied territories; there are not enough specialists. Recently, a large number of job vacancies have been posted on Telegram channels. There is a great demand for doctors, especially narrow specialists. They are looking for people in Skadovsk, Chaplynka, Novotroitsk, and Henichesk. 

This week, propaganda is working very hard to discredit the Ukrainian authorities. The main goal is to frighten the Ukrainian people and oppose them to the Ukrainian authorities. Propagandists talk about the mobilization that takes place brutally in lands controlled by Ukraine; they say men are caught on the streets, and call-up papers are handed out in crowded areas and at the entrances to big cities. The next step is the mobilization of women, according to the russian mass media. Allegedly, the Ukrainian authorities are already preparing the ground for this, distributing various types of advertisements in cities where children call on their mothers to protect them. According to the propagandists, the Ukrainian authorities are trying to hide the real losses of the Ukrainian army in this way and replenish the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with new fighters ("meat," as the russian mass media write). Russians may prepare the ground for another wave of mobilization in their own country in this way.