6 communities of the Kherson region trained on project development

In Uman, training on writing projects was held for 6 de-occupied territorial communities of the Kherson region, where working groups for public safety and restoration will be created in the near future with our support. 

The issue of community recovery and development plans in the post-war period is relevant. Communities have already started developing these plans. However, the sources of funding for all areas of reconstruction remain uncertain. The communities rely upon the support of donors and the state (which also depends on donor aid). 

In addition, communities face the problem of losing human capital that has left occupied territories or war zones.  Returning a business that has moved its activities to other areas is also difficult. There are significant obstacles to returning to everyday life. 

Continuation of hostilities, lack of personnel, resources, finances, mining, outflow of people, gaps in legislation, bureaucracy, corruption, and irresponsibility are the main factors that complicate the recovery process shared by representatives of 6 communities of the Kherson region at the training.

The issues of restoration and public security were discussed with the Chornobayivka, Bilozerka, Stanislav, Novovorontsovka, Kochubeivka, and Visokopillia communities during three days. All the main stages of writing a grant application, which can be submitted to the UN Development Program for funding, were also considered. 

In 2023-2024, UNDP, within the working groups on public safety and recovery, will provide a number of grants to the specified communities of the Kherson Region, finance mini-initiatives, and also support the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and the police. 

The training was organized with the assistance of UNDP and funding from the Government of Denmark and the European Union.