Advocacy visit to the Czech Republic


The executive director of the "Union" Foundation, Anastasia Gryshko, visited the Czech Republic, where she met with government representatives, MEPs, and journalists at the invitation of the Czech organization Nesehnuti. They talked about the problems of the occupied and de-occupied territory of the Kherson region and ways to solve them: demining, restoration of full-fledged work of social institutions, and other exciting projects and topics. 

Who was able to meet: 

  • Director General for the Security and Multilateral Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Martin Povejšil and his team. 
  • Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Ing. Marketa Pekarova Adamova. 
  • Tomasz Kopechny, the representative of the government of the Czech Republic for the restoration of Ukraine. 
  • Senators Marek Hilšer, David Smoljak, Jaromíra Vítková. 
  • MEP Markéta Gregorová. 
  • David Stulik, Senior Analyst and Head of the Eastern European Programme at the European Values Center for Security Policy Center "European Values". 
  • Journalists of, Czech Radio, Deník N., Voxpot 
  • And several other influential persons, who have an influence on decision-making regarding comprehensive assistance to Ukraine.

What is important: 

- Czech politicians have no illusions about russia and are ready to help Ukraine as much as needed. They are now better informed about the situation in the Kherson region, and in a few weeks, together with their colleagues from other EU countries they will agree on specific new steps to help the region recover . 

- Czech journalists have already planned their visits to the Kherson region, and have already learned a lot about the occupation and orcs, and even researched the stories of some collaborators. 

- The European Parliament will not abandon Ukraine. We were assured 😌 

The Czech Republic has always supported our activities in the communities. In particular, last year, we conducted research in the occupied Kherson region as part of the Transition Promotion Program and issued the report "Specialist in conditions of occupation".