Another 20 Kherson volunteers completed an advanced course on pre-medical assistance in wartime conditions


On March 22-23, 2023, our Foundation "Union" held the second extensive training on pre-medical aid in emergency situations and in war conditions for 20 Kherson volunteers and representatives of public and charitable foundations that perform their work in Kherson and the region. 

The training had theoretical and practical sessions on personal safety, providing first aid to victims including the use of tourniquets, tamponade of wounds, checking the level of consciousness and help in case of loss of consciousness, the use of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and work with an automatic defibrillator, methods of evacuating victims and much more. 

Participants share their emotions after the training: 

💬 "Cool courses! Thank you to everyone who was able to organize them. Special thanks to the instructors Hryhoriy Matsyshyn and Oleksandr Bushtyn! It was with humor about serious things, perfectly and accessible to everyone. Two intensive days were taught in an accessible and visual way. This is very useful information and skills in today's conditions!" 

💬 "At present, every person needs to undergo such training because it can save lives!" 

💬 "The boys worked great. The training is very interesting and educational; thank you for such training." 

Last week, we held the first such training in Kherson, and it received positive feedback from the participants. There were more interested people than we could accept, so a second similar training was organized. In total, we trained 40 volunteers and NGO representatives working in Kherson.