Report based on the results of the analysis of russian propaganda for February 2023

We present to your attention an analysis of russian propaganda for February 2023, primarily aimed at residents of the Kherson region. 

The report analyzes 1,257 publications in thematic russian Telegram channels, with a total audience of 130,000. 

It can be said that historical dates for Kherson fall in this period. Dates of a new history, when the russian army came to Kherson with a war. On March 1, 2022, russian troops entered Kherson and occupied the city. 

At the same time, news about the shelling of russian territory by Ukraine appears more and more often during this period. This creates excitement and confusion in the russian mass media sphere. russian journalists and experts have begun to openly admit that Ukraine can strike on russian territory. 

russians try to speed up the process of integration of occupied Ukrainian territories with russia. The occupiers try to convince their readers that life has worsened in the Kherson region with the return of Ukrainian authorities. 

russian news reports on events in which young people and schoolchildren are increasingly participating. They talk about the brave deeds (which sometimes look fictional) of russian soldiers or ordinary russians at these events. 

The rhetoric of some publications in russian publications begins to indicate certain conflicts between representatives of russia and the pro-russian occupation authorities of the left-bank Kherson region. 

The detailed report is available for download (~2 Mb, pdf)