The Kherson district communities received aid from Polish volunteers Wolontariat 4.peron

The Polish volunteer's team, Wolontariat 4. peron, delivered humanitarian aid to the Kherson residents. The aid consisted of diapers for adults, baby food, sets and clothes for children, detergents, and other non-food items.

Most of the aid will be distributed among the people who need it most in the villages of Bilozerka and Stanislav communities. 

We are grateful to all those who care and the partners who have joined us in supporting the Kherson region in this challenging time. 

In time, we will traditionally publish photo reports and detailed information on our website on how much and to whom the aid was delivered. 

As a reminder, we started our humanitarian work in the first days of the Kherson region's occupation, covering more than 13 thousand residents of the temporarily occupied communities of the Kherson region with food kits.