Our foundation handed over 75 fire shields and 150 fire extinguishers to condominiums in Kherson, which are under fire from the russian federation

Our foundation continues to help the Kherson residents who are suffering from shelling by russian terrorists. As you know, the occupiers do not stop their criminal activities and constantly fire on the civilian population from the left bank. This creates a great danger for the life and health of people, as well as for their property. But we do not give up. We continue to fight for our freedom and independence. 

One of the directions of our assistance to the Kherson people is to improve the fire safety of city residents in high-rise buildings. We understand that in the event of a fire, they may find themselves in a difficult situation. We handed over 75 fire shields and 150 fire extinguishers to twenty-four condominiums. Fire shields are also equipped with a fire-prevention mat, fire hook, crowbar, shovel, axe, and bucket. Two fire extinguishers are attached to each shield. 

Volunteers delivered all this equipment on the basis of official appeals from condominiums. Currently, we have more requests than we can satisfy and, unfortunately, no one but us currently installs such stands and fire extinguishers in high-rise buildings in the city. We also gave the citizens booklets on how to behave in case of fire and how to use generators safely  together with the mentioned equipment. 

It was also unexpectedly pleasant for everyone that the donation agreement was drawn up, and everything became the condominium's property. Thus, we guarantee that this equipment will be properly operated and maintained. 

The total amount of assistance we provided was UAH 702,975.00.

We invite you to read a few quotes from the heads of condominiums that have received our aid. 

"I am very grateful for the fire shields. It is unexpectedly pleasant that shields have two high-quality powder-type fire extinguishers. I currently manage several condominiums. One of them is in the city center, where there is constant shelling. Such help is very timely." 

"I applied for several entrances to my houses. I was hoping to get at least one for the house because nowadays, when there is constant shelling, you need to have means of protection. I am grateful that we received it for every entrance." 

"I think that such shields should be in all condominiums. Today, there is a war, and there are many fires. But even in peacetime, somewhere, the electricity went out, or some grandmother got stuck in the apartment. Here, both a crowbar and an axe are a very chic set. Fire extinguishers are a separate conversation. We didn't even expect it. Thank you!". 

"Send a big thank you to the entire team that worked on this program! A special thanks to the management of the Fund for the transparency at work! This is rare nowadays. I  made many requests to the city management, nothing but checks and instructions that we should have... You are doing a great job! If there is an opportunity for such help, we will be grateful, there are still many condominiums without safety equipment!" 

As a reminder, we already equipped all entrances of three Kherson condominiums with similar equipment and handed over generators to 15 high-rise buildings earlier.