We mobilize to eliminate the consequences of the russians' detonation of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant

On June 6, 2023, the russians blew up the Kakhovska HPP. 

We mobilize our efforts as much as possible, and throughout Ukraine, we help the Kherson State Emergency Service and rescuers by purchasing equipment to save people, animals, and buildings.

What exactly do we collect for: 

  • Motors for drilling wells 
  • Motor pumps for water pumping and hoses for them 
  • Boats 
  • Motors for boats 
  • Waders, wading boots, and wading overalls 
  • Wetsuits, flippers, masks and gloves for them, diving helmets
  •  Special demining boat 
  • Trailers for boat transportation 
  • Echo sounders 
  • Hydraulic instruments 
  • Underwater tugboats 
  • Surface sonar stations 
  • Underwater sonar receivers 
  • Canister lights 
  • Barocams 
  • Boat with side view sonar 
  • Electronic diver panels 
  • Diving quick deploy stations 
  • Buoyancy control device for diving 
  • Diving cylinders 
  • Underwater computers 
  • Life boards, vests, circles, and other necessary equipment can

If you can provide any of the above, email us at office@fundunion.org 

You can also help by donating by Visa/Mastercard and/or bank transfer, and we can purchase everything needed. 

Many of you have seen the publications of the Fund's director, Yuriy Antoshchuk, about fundraising. You can also transfer funds to Monobank.

Reports are downloaded to disk: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rNRrDn27T2zwU_ydNGxvRCuQnGE-Q3v1 

Thank you all for your support!