Residents of Antonivka, Sadove, Bilozerka, and Kherson received 243 sleeping sets

In May 2023, the residents of Antonivka, Sadove, Bilozerka, and Kherson received 243 sleeping sets (pillows, blankets, bed linen) and thermal underwear as charitable aid received by our "Union" Foundation from Vostok SOS and the Vuhledar Development Agency. 

This assistance is significant for people who live under the constant threat of russian shelling and without primary conditions for everyday life. 

Sleeping sets are necessary for comfortable sleep and rest. They consist of a pillow, a blanket, bed linen, and thermal underwear. Sleeping kits help people on the front lines to improve their well-being. Sleep is necessary for the restoration of strength, psychological balance, and immune system. 

Antonivka, Sadove, Bilozerka, and Kherson became the place of confrontation between the Ukrainian army and the russian occupant who invaded Ukraine in February 2022. Since that time, these settlements have been constantly subjected to russian shelling, which brings death, destruction, and suffering to the civilian population. Some areas remain without electricity and water, living in fear and uncertainty, not knowing what awaits them tomorrow.

Residents receiving sleeping kits and thermal underwear are grateful for the help. They express their gratitude to the "Union" Foundation, Vostok SOS, and the Vuhledar Development Agency, which organized and financed this assistance. They also thank all the caring people who donated money or things for this project. This help gives them hope for a better future, victory over the aggressor, and the return of peace and freedom to Ukraine. 

We are also grateful to our local partners and volunteers from the Belozerka Regional Development Center, volunteers from Antonivka and Sadove, who deliver aid under shelling. 

As a reminder, we provided 24 condominiums in Kherson with fire shields and fire extinguishers.