Report on the Fund's work since the blowing up of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant by the occupiers

More than a month has passed since the russians blew up the Kakhovka HPP. We decided to mobilize our efforts to help the Main Office of the State Emergency Service in the Kherson region from the first days. During this time, we managed to do a lot. So, let's report. 

We received many direct donations from ordinary (but incredible) people, businesses and organizations, thanks to which we were able to purchase critical equipment and items for the State Emergency Service in the shortest possible time, in the first hours after the accident. All equipment was immediately put to work by the rescuers. 

This infographic contains non-exhaustive amounts. It does not indicate the minor goods and consumables we bought. The Director of the Fund, Yuriy Antoshchuk, reported on them publicly every day in detail. This infographic shows the large purchases on which almost all the funds were spent (there is still a small balance, and we continue collection for new calls from the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station). 

The number of donations and transfers to our accounts is impressive: someone donated UAH 10, and someone donated USD 1,000 or more. Donated both from Ukraine and from abroad, both individuals and businesses and organizations. 

Here, we take into account targeted donations to "close" the needs that arose as a result of the accident. 

Everyone mobilized as much as possible in the first minutes, and thanks to you, we were also able to react quickly and help the Kherson region.

This infographic shows the help the "Union" Foundation received from international organizations to overcome the consequences of the dam explosion. We really appreciate your quick response and great help! 

Thanks to the support of  USAID Ukraine, we were able to purchase many things for the State Emergency Service, the Kherson Vodokanal, and the communities of the Kherson region.

Yuriy Antoshchuk also wrote about most of these things daily for a month. 

Although the water receded, we covered the basic first needs together, but now there are new problems and challenges that the water left behind. We are going to try to cope with these challenges as well. Therefore, we will soon start issuing kits for disinfection and cleaning of flooded premises and apartments for Kherson high-rise buildings.