We open a collection of applications for disinfectant sets and dehumidifiers from flooded condominiums in Kherson as a result of the accident at the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant


Assistance will be provided in several stages

1. We provide industrial dehumidifiers to dry flooded basements and apartments. 

2. After drying, we will issue kits for disinfecting walls, ceilings, and floors, which will include deep-penetrating disinfectants, sets of respirators, protective overalls, glasses, gloves, sprayers, and paintbrush for applying the disinfectant. 

The kits will allow residents of high-rise buildings to treat flooded premises, destroying fungi and other substances dangerous to health. 

Important: all the dirt must be removed, and the surfaces must be cleaned for further effective processing before drying and disinfection.

Condominiums for which this is relevant can send us a letter to office@fundunion.org in the appropriate format. 

We are grateful to the Ukrainian Women's Fund, thanks to which the purchasing of necessary equipment to help Kherson men and women became possible.