Three communities in the Kherson region develop communication plans

At the end of September, the representatives of the Stanislav, Bilozerka, and Chornobaivka communities participated in a workshop. The plan for community communication with displaced residents was developed. 

According to research data, 40-50% of the population wants to participate in restoring and reconstructing their communities. Still, the communities themselves lack systematic communication with those who were forced to leave the communities.

Yuriy Antoshchuk, head of the "Union" Foundation, says, "The population is being informed through various channels, but there is no communication as such. Communities should have prescribed communication plans, or more precisely, crisis communication plans, and already now speak and conduct a dialogue with displaced residents. Communities should ask them what they want to see in their villages, whether they have ideas or initiatives, to maintain contact with them. After 1.5 years of full-scale war, this connection is becoming increasingly weak, and many put down their roots in other regions of the country or abroad. Accordingly, more are increasingly inclined to stay there, not to return." 

The need to maintain a dialogue with displaced residents is extremely important for their further involvement in life processes community. The participants discussed communication methods, channels, messages, target audience and prescribed plans that will need to be implemented in the future for 2 days.

Given the shortage of personnel and certain chaotic actions, this will be a challenge for the communities; at the same time, the successful implementation of the plans will allow the community to unite and "include" the emigrants in its life, as well as to collect people's ideas for reconstruction and development. 

As a reminder, earlier working groups on public safety and restoration were created in 6 communities of the Kherson region.