Our Foundation became a partner of the association of media, NGOs and analytical centers "Recovery Window"

"Recovery Window" is an association of independent media, public organizations, and analytical centers. Together, they talk about the recovery of all affected regions on a single platform. Over 80 media, 20 public organizations, and analytical centers have already become partners. 

In 2022-2025, our Foundation carries out its activities aimed at supporting the civilian population that was forced to remain under temporary occupation, as well as in the front-line de-occupied communities of the Kherson region, strengthening public security in communities, assisting the State Emergency Service, the police, and establishing coordination and interaction between various stakeholders for the restoration of social ties, trust, cooperation, and reconstruction. 

These topics will remain relevant for the Kherson region for many years, so our activities in this direction will be consistent, sustainable, and necessary. 

Subscribe to the Recovery Window page for news about reconstruction: 

- corruption exposure, cost analysis, investigations 

- research and expert knowledge in the format of an understandable action plan 

- local stories, problems of individuals,  and entire regions 

Our analytical materials will also be published there.