Initiatives in public safety for more than UAH 2 million were implemented in six communities in the Kherson region

According to the results of the activity of the Working Groups on Public Safety and Restoration (WGPSR), initiatives in public safety were implemented in six communities of the Kherson Region for a total amount of more than UAH 2 million.

Last summer, after visiting the communities and enlisting the support of the military administrations, six WGPSRs started their activities in the communities. 

Their work was established by the orders of the heads of military administrations and relevant regulations. 

The WGPSR are effective working groups that provide platforms for discussing and solving specific issues in public security at the community level, which is important, especially under martial law. 

They included representatives of military administrations, local self-government bodies, the police, the State Emergency Service, public organizations operating on the territory of communities, and other institutions and organizations interested in strengthening public security (for example, representatives of education, health care, the Administrative Service Center, etc.).

The WGPSR meets bimonthly in each community, and both discuss the problems in the community and participate in developing specific initiatives and projects. 

So far, four meetings have been held in each community, and some initiatives have been implemented. In particular: 

- In the Stanislav community, a workplace has been set up for a precinct police officer. 

- In the Bilozerka community, uninterruptible power supplies for medical facilities were installed, and fire hydrants were transferred to help the State Emergency Service reduce the time needed to refuel special vehicles and extinguish fires. 

- In the Chornobaivka community, video surveillance cameras have been installed to help the work of community police officers, as well as equipment for protection and ensuring quick overcoming of the consequences of emergency situations, including hydrants, has been handed over to the Local fire brigade. 

- In the Novovorontsovka community, the video surveillance system is also currently in the process of being restored to improve the security situation and help the police. 

- In the Visokopillia community, new fire hydrants are being installed. 

- In the Kochubeivka community, safety classes are arranged in educational institutions. 

All initiatives were developed specifically by the WGPSR and supported by UNDP for a total amount of more than UAH 2 million. 

Working groups grow. They are an open platform to which residents of the mentioned communities are invited to join. Active NGOs, charitable foundations and organizations are offered opportunities to present their initiatives, projects, and ideas for restoring the community at meetings of the WGPSR as a starting point for establishing cooperation. 

As a reminder, the WGPSR in the 6 mentioned communities was created last summer by the orders of the heads of military administrations within the framework of the initiative "Kherson Region: Public Security and Recovery in the Conditions of Change" is implemented by the "Union" Foundation with the assistance of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Ukraine with the financial support of the Government of Denmark, provided within the framework of the United Nations Program for Reconstruction and Peacebuilding.