Kherson residents received free tourniquets

65 SICH tourniquets of Ukrainian production were distributed to the people of Kherson in May 2024 thanks to the support of the Czech organization NESEHNUTÍ. 

To obtain tourniquets, it was necessary to pass a special test on knowledge of the basics of pre-medical care, fill out a form, and attach a copy of a diploma/certificate of training in courses related to pre-medical care. 

"This is a very correct project; you are doing a useful thing for the Kherson people. It's good that you didn't just give it away, but specifically to those who know how to use it and have undergone training," says Anton from Kherson, who received one of the tourniquets. 

If you look at the statistics, 375 users viewed the test in 6 days, 119 passed it, and the average score is 81/100. 

"I have a tourniquet in my first-aid kit, but I need at least three. My colleague has been under fire, so he has several tourniquets, and thanks to this he saved the life of one man," Oleksandr comments. 

The general security situation in Kherson is complicated. In May 2024, the russian occupying forces shelled the Kherson community more than 240 times, killing 1 man. 41 people were injured during the month. This is almost 2.5 times more than in April 2024. 

"I work on the railway, and we are often shelled, so I am very grateful to you for the tourniquet. I hope it will not be needed, but it will be useful," Nadiya said, receiving the turnstile. 

Here are a few more reviews from the people of Kherson: 

"I took the test and realized that knowledge needs to be consolidated. In general, I am very grateful" (Tetyana) 

"Thank you! With my work at the Red Cross, there are not many tourniquets, on the contrary, there are always not enough" (Olena) 

"As an instructor in first aid, I can say that it is perfect that tourniquets are issued to those who have skills and knowledge" (Ivan) 

"Today I am receiving a tourniquet from you as a volunteer. And soon I already goги to the recruiting center in the third assault command. So it will definitely not be superfluous for me" (Ernst) 

The security issue for the Kherson people is in the first place. Since the first days of the liberation of Kherson, we have been working in this direction, providing the city's residents with personal security.

If you want to support the Kherson people as well, you can help us. We are planning to purchase additional tourniquets, and we need your participation. Donation of any amount can save lives: