Report based on the results of the analysis of russian propaganda for February 2023

We present to your attention an analysis of russian propaganda for February 2023, primarily aimed at residents of the Kherson region. 

The report analyzes 2,240 publications in thematic russian Telegram channels, with a total audience of 130,000. 

February turned out to be dynamic and full of events. And the most important thing is that this month turns a year of Ukraine's heroic resistance to russian aggression. 

The russian mass media continue to discredit the Ukrainian army, portraying the Ukrainian military as incompetent, aggressive marauders. The Ukrainian military terrorize the civilian population under the leadership and instructions of the "Kyiv regime". They discredit the authorities of Ukraine and, against this background, talk about the successes and achievements of the authorities of the occupiers. 

Interesting events took place in February, which are reflected in the russian mass media: a speech by v. putin, a concert in Luzhnyky, and several events also held in the occupied territory that demonstrates the power and greatness of the russian federation. The visit of US President Joe Biden to Ukraine was no less important, but the Russian media tried not to emphasize it too much. 

The detailed report is available for download  (~2 Mb, pdf)

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