Report based on the results of the analysis of russian propaganda for January 2023

We present to your attention an analysis of russian propaganda for January 2023, primarily aimed at residents of the Kherson region. 

The report analyzes 2,240 publications in thematic russian Telegram channels, with a total audience of 130,000.

The January news becomes long and overloaded with reflections and open propaganda, which emphasizes the greatness and invincibility of russia. Bloggers reflect on the actions of the russian government, sometimes openly criticizing it. Ridicule is one of the main tools of russian propaganda. 

The news about the provision of the latest weapons by Western partners to Ukraine disturbed russians a lot. At first, they accuse the West and the USA of inciting the war and try to influence the Ukrainians. They say that Ukrainians are drawn into the war between the United States and russia; the president of Ukraine is a puppet in the hands of the Americans or the "Anglo-Saxons". They are trying to turn Ukrainians against the authorities, saying that the Ukrainian authorities are lying and sending ordinary Ukrainians to certain deaths. v. putin calls Ukrainians in his speeches "fraternal" people who came under the influence of the Nazis. 

When these arguments don't work, the russians begin to intimidate (verbal threats and constant massive missile strikes on critical infrastructure and civilian targets) or blackmail (they start mentioning nuclear weapons). 

To reassure its people, the russian mass media actively mocked the weapons supposed by foreign partners to Ukraine. russians flaunt their weapons, talk about their newest developments, and begin offering rewards for the future destruction of NATO weapons. 

The detailed report is available for download (~3.1 Mb, pdf)

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