Report on the Fund's work for June 10, 2023, aimed at overcoming the consequences of the blowing up of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant by the russian invaders

A little about the friends of our Foundation and their help.

We sincerely thank Anri Lishchynskyi, Roman Oliynyk, and the team of the G-CAR company, who brought and handed over to our rescuers on June 10: 

- 2 motor pumps 

- Hoses for motor pumps 50 m (blue) 

- Corrugated pipes (2 sections of 4 m) 

- 6 bottles of oil 

- Package of medicine 

- Water and food (yes, rescuers also eat when they have time between rescue operations) 

- animal food for UAnimals

Also water pumps with hoses, rubber boots, canned food, bed linen, underwear, hygiene products, diapers for adults were received on June 10 from the Humanitarian Headquarters of Kopychyntsi (the Ternopil region). 

From the aid brought: 

- 5 pumps were handed over to the Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Kherson region, they have already work them over. 

- 52 pairs of rubber boots will go equally to policemen and rescuers. 

- 1 pump and all other assistance were given to Volodymyr Sahaydak. 

We thank the patriots from the Ternopil region: Taras Blazhkiv, Vasyl Nagornyak, Lubomyr Bilytsa, Volodymyr Tymchyshyn, Arsen Kelichav. 

Friends, we are sincerely grateful for everything you collect and send to the people of Kherson. Now, there are no trifles!

Today, you also donated: 

+ 34,461.14 (mono) 

+ 1003.88 USD (PayPal) 

If you understand that you want to help the Kherson region, you can provide information about the consequences of blowing up the Kakhovka HPP, what the situation is in Kherson and the region, and how people on the left bank are suffering. 

You can also donate any amount or send needed items, equipment, etc. 


The Director of the "Union" Fund, Yurii Antoshchuk: 

Card: 5375411206307428