Report on the Fund's work for June 11, 2023, aimed at overcoming the consequences of the blowing up of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant by the russian invaders

What was done on June 11. 

Oleg Moldavchuk sent a motor pump, and Cavalier - men's underwear sent us underwear (7 kg), which we handed over to the Kherson State Emergency Service, as well as rubber boots from the Humanitarian Headquarters of Kopychyntsi (the Ternopil Region). Thank you for your initiative and support! 

Some time ago, Wolontariat 4.peron brought us diapers and clothes from Kraków.  We handed over the leftovers to the centers where people whose houses were flooded turn to today. The Kherson people have lost everything, and clothes are definitely important to them. So someone asked about it, so yes, clothes are relevant; send them to your friends and volunteers if you have them. We do not deal with clothes, so it is better to contact volunteer hubs in this area. 

On June 11, incredible people donated UAH 54,134.35 to MonoBank. And we are preparing new purchases this week, which are impossible without your support.

If you understand that you want to help the Kherson region, you can provide information about the consequences of blowing up the Kakhovka HPP, what the situation is in Kherson and the region, and how people on the left bank are suffering. 

You can also donate any amount or send needed items, equipment, etc. 


The Director of the "Union" Fund, Yurii Antoshchuk: 

Card: 5375411206307428