The assessment of the ideas submitted by the residents was completed in the Stanislav community

Based on the results of the assessment of 153 ideas of residents of the Stanislav community, the competition commission formed a rating and determined the initiatives with the highest number of points.

Each submitted idea was evaluated according to the following criteria: 

  1. Feasibility of the initiative in the current security conditions
  2. The possibility of implementing the initiative within 4 months
  3. Potential involvement of the audience in the initiative in case of its implementation  
  4. Sustainability of the initiative 
  5. Relevance of the initiative for the community and the specified target audience
  6. Availability of contacts of the idea's authors 
  7. Compliance of the potential budget with the specified requirements 

Top rated ideas 

Below is a short list of the ideas that received the most votes during the evaluation. 

1. Trash cans are needed on every street. 

2. "Security community" project. Goal: To ensure the restoration and strengthening of internal security and cooperation in the community affected by hostilities. Activities: security training for local residents will be organized. Creation of a volunteer group for patrolling and interaction with law enforcement agencies. Implementation of systems of mutual assistance and effective communication in the community 

3. Provision of safety briefings for pensioners and people with disabilities. Implementation of an electronic safety monitoring system in the streets and essential critical public places 

4. Organization of trainings and seminars for local authorities and security providers of civic education in schools. Creating a platform for citizens, authorities, and law enforcement officials 

5. High-quality medical services and modern equipment in the medical center.

6. A dental office is needed because people have nowhere to be treated.

7. First of all, the work of a medical institution must be restored because most people in the village are elderly. A medical institution should have a pharmacy. 

8. Open permanent courses of digital education for the population, mainly for people of retirement age, the unemployed, the disabled, etc. Purpose: Such classes will allow people to acquire digital skills, which are now necessary to solve everyday problems, such as receiving a subsidy, paying for utilities, buying tickets, making an appointment with a doctor, etc. 

9. Construction and installation of a multi-tap well column of the "Buvet" type with free purified water for the population. The goal is to provide the majority of the population with access to high-quality drinking water, thereby improving the health of fellow villagers. Even before the war, there were big problems with drinking water and its quality in the village. 

10. Reconstruction and modernization of the local fire station with new equipment and machinery 

11. Renovation of the first aid station and dental office. Renovation of medical centers will allow local residents to receive medical care on the spot without the need to travel to other settlements. This is especially important for pensioners, people with disabilities and people with reduced mobility. 

12. Organization training courses on evacuation and rescue operations for community residents 

13. Reconstruction of the water network! The water network in the village of Shyroka Balka is completely unusable. It was built about 50 years ago and consists of asbestos and metal pipes that have outlived their usefulness. Also, the wells in the village do not meet the quality of drinking water standards; the salt content exceeds permissible standards. I consider it expedient to redo the entire water network!" 

14. I propose opening a bakery in our village's center, as we have a room there that needs repair. Firstly, it would be a workplace for residents regardless of age. Secondly, it would provide delicious and warm emotions from fragrant pastries and bread. It could be delivered to neighboring villages. 

15. Restoration of a centralized water tower to provide the residents of our community with high-quality drinking water. 16. My project aims to create natural areas for the residents of our community. The main idea is to plant trees and create public gardens and green areas, which will not only be decorative but also contribute to improving air quality and reducing noise. In addition, the project contributes to the formation of the community since residents can participate in planting and maintaining green areas. This will also create pleasant places for recreation, meetings, and cultural events.

17. The project's main goal is to create a rehabilitation and adaptation center for children and youth who suffered from hostilities and occupation. As part of the project, it is proposed: 1. Restoration and conversion of the premises into a rehabilitation center. 2. Purchase of necessary equipment and materials. 3. Recruitment of personnel (psychologists, social workers, teachers, volunteers). 4. The Rehabilitation and adaptation program will include the following measures: psychological help and support, social adaptation, creative development, and physical activity.

What's next? 

At the community level and in cooperation with international partners, according to their requirements, capabilities, and mandates, a decision will be made on which initiatives from the specified list will be financed. After that, fulfilling projects with estimates will be developed, for which funds will be allocated to international financing. The developed projects will be implemented in the community until the end of the year. 

We will need active community citizens who want to participate in both the development and implementation of already financed projects. If you would like to contribute to the recovery of the Stanislav community, please contact us. Write to us at 

As a reminder, at the end of 2023 - the beginning of 2024, the "Union" Fund, in cooperation with the military administrations of the Stanislav, Bilozerka, and Chornobaivka communities, collected ideas regarding desired initiatives in the field of reconstruction among the displaced and remained population in the specified communities. Ideas were collected in two stages: online and offline. In addition to the general goal of the idea, community residents could also indicate the field to which their idea belongs, who is the beneficiary of the implementation of such an idea, who should participate in its implementation, where the idea should be implemented, and also who should finance it. Everyone who would like to participate directly in the implementation of the idea had the opportunity to indicate in which format they are ready to participate and leave contacts for further communication. Almost 600 ideas were collected. They were evaluated by the competition commission in the last 2 weeks.