The assessment of the ideas submitted by the residents was completed in the Chornobaivka community

Based on the results of the assessment of 258 ideas of residents of the Chornobaivka community, the competition commission formed a rating and determined the initiatives with the highest number of points.

Each submitted idea was evaluated according to the following criteria: 

  1. Feasibility of the initiative in the current security conditions
  2. The possibility of implementing the initiative within 4 months
  3. Potential involvement of the audience in the initiative in case of its implementation  
  4. Sustainability of the initiative 
  5. Relevance of the initiative for the community and the specified target audience
  6. Availability of contacts of the idea's authors 
  7. Compliance of the potential budget with the specified requirements 

Top rated ideas 

Below is a short list of the ideas that received the most votes during the evaluation. 

1. A sports ground to attract young people to a sports life 

2. Playgrounds for children and sports grounds for young people 

3. Create a public safety center to train the population in the rules of behavior in emergency situations, provide first aid, and volunteer to protect public order. 

4. Installation of bicycle parking near social facilities - schools, hospitals, shops, institutions 

5. Training, lectures, and new skills. New knowledge and examples of other initiatives will encourage independent submission of projects, involvement of businesses, active residents 

6. Computer literacy courses 

7 Playground for children 

8. Install street name indicators and warning signs on the streets of the villages of Kyselivka, Zeleny Gay, Barvinok, and Klapaia. The implementation of the project will enable security providers (police, emergency services), firefighters and ambulances to orient themselves in the area and reduce the time of assistance. 

9. Training the local population about mine safety to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents due to mines 

10. Creating a space for children where they can learn about the world 

11. Install video surveillance in the village of Kyselivka. The project envisages the installation of a video surveillance system in the village of Kyselivka to reduce the level of crime and offenses in this area, and the residents of the village will feel safe. 

12. Creation of safety classes 

13. BICYCLE parking 

14. Sports ground for youth 

15. Tree planting and organization of green areas. Garbage disposal site. 

16. Equip the local medical and obstetric center

17. Make a sports ground and a hall for youth training 

18. Restoration of sports fields destroyed during the war, holding sports competitions. 

19. Restoration of the medical building, encouragement of medical workers

What's next? 

At the community level and in cooperation with international partners, according to their requirements, capabilities, and mandates, a decision will be made on which initiatives from the specified list will be financed. After that, fulfilling projects with estimates will be developed, for which funds will be allocated to international financing. The developed projects will be implemented in the community until the end of the year. 

We will need active community citizens who want to participate in both the development and implementation of already financed projects. If you would like to contribute to the recovery of the Chornobaivka community, please contact us. Write to us at 

As a reminder, at the end of 2023 - the beginning of 2024, the "Union" Fund, in cooperation with the military administrations of the Stanislav, Bilozerka, and Chornobaivka communities, collected ideas regarding desired initiatives in the field of reconstruction among the displaced and remained population in the specified communities. Ideas were collected in two stages: online and offline. In addition to the general goal of the idea, community residents could also indicate the field to which their idea belongs, who is the beneficiary of the implementation of such an idea, who should participate in its implementation, where the idea should be implemented, and also who should finance it. Everyone who would like to participate directly in the implementation of the idea had the opportunity to indicate in which format they are ready to participate and leave contacts for further communication. Almost 600 ideas were collected. They were evaluated by the competition commission in the last 2 weeks.