In October, 31 condominiums received disinfectant kits

Our "Union" Foundation continues to help Kherson condominiums fight the consequences of flooding after the occupiers blew up the Kakhovka HPP. In October 2023, we issued 115 disinfectant kits for 31 condominiums in Kherson, where more than 2.7 thousand residents lived before the invasion. 

High-rise buildings face new challenges: basements and apartments have just been drained, disinfection has been carried out after flooding, and again, there are problems with preparing buildings for heating. Pipes burst, apartments are flooded, the residents of which were forced to leave Kherson. 

"We carried out drainage after flooding, received sets, and carried out disinfection. Now the heating season is starting, but we face a new problem. Pipes leak in empty apartments. So, we will treat it in the future (perhaps we will ask for a dehumidifier again)", says the head of one of the affected condominiums. 

"In our building, half of the first floor and the basement belong to shops, and the other half to residents. The house in the port was flooded and badly damaged. Thank you for the dehumidifier and disinfection kits. We did the work. But there is one "but". Moisture that remains in commercial premises again goes to residents' homes because the business owners are not in the city, and there is no one to eliminate the consequences in these premises. So we have been dehumidifying and disinfecting our homes for several months, and the moisture does not disappear," another representative of a high-rise building shares her problems. 

"The authorities made a shelter in our house. They chose a large room. In others, the electricity was cut off, and communications were closed. Who processes there against mold? The main thing is that they reported in the photo that the repair was done. So, thank you for the disinfectant kits. We will finish the basements' treatment," complains a resident of one of the condominiums.

Thanks to the Ukrainian Education Platform and REACT Disaster Response, we still have a small supply of disinfectant kits that are issued to homes upon requests. We remind you that our disinfecting kit consists of both surface treatment and personal protection products, including respirators, gloves, glasses, suits, sprayer, and rollers. 

Thanks to the Ukrainian Women's Fund and SCHNEIDER GROUP LLC, we have industrial dehumidifiers, quartz lamps, and a powerful generator for preliminary premises treatment. 

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